Bisibee in London

Born in Guyana, raised in New Jersey, made my living in New York and now based in London

Hairdresser Search – Part III (Self-Care)

I have spent a year looking for a hairdresser in London and  I have found reliable options but not great options. Morris Roots in Tooting Broadway offers reliable Sunday hours and talented stylists. However, the salon is over an hour from... Continue Reading →


Simple Pleasures – Paris, France edition

cherish simple pleasures

Heart of a Golden Woman

Reposting this beautiful poem.

Success is….

About the Journey Not the Destination

Haven on Earth – Valle de los Ingenious

Alchemy is the transformation of coal into gold

Nature and History – El Arbol Viejo

The old tree is all knowing and all seeing but can not speak.

Lost and Reclaimed

Those who tell the stories rule society- Plato

Havana by Day

It's been a few days since Irma and a week since I left Cuba and my thoughts and prayers are with those putting their lives together after Irma's destruction. Looking through my holiday photos I am reminded at how amazing... Continue Reading →

Havana Nights

Havana nightlife is like Miami meets Williamsburg meets Havana. Eclectic mixed with trendy cool.

Hairdresser Search- Part II

I dream of a magical salon with tea, champagne, no waiting, hot water, and a working card machine. Is that too much to ask for?

Cuba bound? – What to know before you go.

Prepare yourself before you go. The key is to contact experts to guide your way. Don't do it on your own and get stuck at an all inclusive.

London Summer – Conversations with Strangers 

In this world of fake news and neo-xenophobia, it’s hard to hear voices encouragring cultural understanding through all the noise.

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