Bisibee in London

Born in Guyana, raised in New Jersey, made my living in New York and now starting over in London

Havana by Day

It's been a few days since Irma and a week since I left Cuba and my thoughts and prayers are with those putting their lives together after Irma's destruction. Looking through my holiday photos I am reminded at how amazing... Continue Reading →


Havana Nights

There are many things to do during the evenings in Havana. During my four day stay in Havana, I came across a few gems that I would reccommend to anyone visiting Cuba. Start out your evenings with a sunset on... Continue Reading →

London Natural Hairdresser Search- Part II

I've tried three salons since I've been in London and they have all fallen very short of my expectations. My first hair experience was at this small salon called Adornment 365 which was the prime subject of my first blog... Continue Reading →

Cuba bound? – What to know before you go.

Cuba has long been on my bucket list and I was determined to check it off the list this year. I got an extra incentive to visit when the Obama administration started to normalize US/Cuba relations in 2015 and opened... Continue Reading →

London Summer – Conversations with Strangers 

In this world of fake news and neo-xenophobia, it's hard to hear voices encouragring cultural understanding through all the noise. Over the past month, I spent some time working in cafes, brunching and taking extra pilates classes to work off... Continue Reading →

Weekend Getaway to Switzerland 🇨🇭 

Culture Geneva has a multicultural feel. With people from all corners of the World, all races, and religions converge in the common good for the survival of mankind. Geneva is home to the WHO, WTO, UN Refugee Agency and so many more international organizations striving to... Continue Reading →

Day trip to the Countryside – Village of Tring 

The hustle and bustle of metropolis living takes a toll on all city dwellers. The stale polluted air, crowded trains, and the daily demands of work creates lots of stress and anxiety. To recharge, it's necessary to escape the city... Continue Reading →

Guide to transitioning into London life- Part I

Here are a few things I had to get used and wish someone would have told me about London before I moved here. I've spent seven months in London and I'm still getting used to how the city works. 1.... Continue Reading →

Malaga, Spain

I visited Malaga, Spain this a week ago and was blown away at the beauty, history and charm of the city. I recommend staying in historical section of Malaga.  You can get Airbnb accommodations away from the main tourist plazas... Continue Reading →

Daytrip to Kent, Dover, and Canterbury

Bank holiday weekend in London is all about escaping the city. Interested in history, venture to Kent. There are countless castles, villages and countryside views to explore. Leeds Castle, Cantebury and the Dover Cliffs are good options for a day... Continue Reading →

This is Guyana, Sweet Guyana!

Guyana is on the mainland of South America situated between the Atlantic Ocean to the north, Brazil to the south, Suriname to the east and Venezuela to the west. Guyana is known for being the "land of many waters". With... Continue Reading →

Albania – From Tirana to Durres

I was visiting my cousin in Tirana, Albania two weeks ago and to tell you the truth, I didn't know what to expect. I was looking forward to visiting my cousin who has dedicated his life to God's work for... Continue Reading →

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