I’ve lived in the United States for my entire adult life. I’ve had various ID’s since the age of 9 telling people I am who I say I am. First starting with my resident alien card aka “Green Card”. I was then issued a school ID for every year I was in the school system. Bank debit card verified by my parents.Then a driver’s license issued by the state… You get my drift. I have established every ID in the United States that verifies that I am who I say I am.

So I should have expected that upon moving to London, I would have to endure the same process. Oh no I wasn’t. Naive little me entered the lobby of Lloyd’s Bank and requested a bank account and was astonished that the bank did not want to issue me a bank account because they could not verify who I said I was. After all I have an American passport, a drivers license, a UK visa and an email from my company stating that I was employed by said company. How dare they? Needless to say I was not issued a bank account.

The same is true for flat rentals. In the past, my landlords hardly took the time to call the references I put on the application. Not so in London, my UK landlord emailed and called my boss and my past landlords and expected prompt responses. And to be completely annoying, they require a UK verified bank account. Which I did not have from my earlier fiasco with Lloyd’s Bank. How dare they inconvenience me further?

So after 25 years of knowing who I am and not being questioned on who I am, I find myself once again a resident alien building my identity in a new land. What on earth convinced me to do this again?