Many of us engage in Monday morning chats with our co-workers and most of these conversations are meant to be simple with not much back and forth. Haven’t gotten the brief on what Londonites ask on Monday morning, I found myself in an unwanted conversation. Here is what happened on Monday morning with one of my new co-workers.

Co-worker: How’s your weekend?
Me: Good, caught the Giants game at Twickenham.

Co-worker: Cool, I had it on the tele. Dull game huh?
Me: No it was exciting, especially the last touchdown.

Co-worker: Looked dull on the tele.
Me: I guess. How was your weekend? Cough. Cough.

Co-worker: Good. Had the kids over and watched some tele. You awright?
Me: Yes, just getting over a little congestion.

Co-worker: You awright? [staring at her computer now]
Me: Yes, I just may need to drink some extra tea today. Too much time outdoor.

Co-worker: Right. You awright? [writing an email]
Me: I mean I’m a little sick but I’m okay. Just a little cough. [Shaking my head because I’m not sure what’s going on with this exchange]

Co-worker: Sorry? You awright? [Looking up under her glasses now. A bit puzzled]
Me: Okay. Hmm, I’m gonna get some tea. [walking away]

Co-worker: Okay?

What was I missing here? Apparently “You awright” is kind of a rhetorical question. Not meant to be answered. It has the same meaning of “What’s up?”, “You good?” etc. Most of which you answer with “Good and you”, “Cool”, “Okay”. I guess because I didn’t give her one word answers she just couldn’t understand. Neither me. Don’t ask me if I’m alright if you don’t intend to know how I am.

So next time someone says You awright? I’ll just say , Cool.