The hustle and bustle of metropolis living takes a toll on all city dwellers. The stale polluted air, crowded trains, and the daily demands of work creates lots of stress and anxiety. To recharge, it’s necessary to escape the city for cleaner air and forget the emails for a day or so.

Just 35 miles outside London along the A41 you’ll find the Village of Tring. It is the perfect location for a bank holiday weekend get away. The  streets are lined with charming cottages that are beautifully maintained giving the village it’s signature Victorian age feel. On the outskirts of the village, you’ll find hilly woodlands dating back to the ice age.  Spa resorts like Champney offer modern amenities of a posh day spa with the charm of the woodlands that  surrounds it.

Tring, like many English villages has a unique history. The Victorians are notorious for being a bit outlandish and Tring has its own eccentric aristocrat – Walter Rothschild. He  was famous for parading around the village with his zebra led carriage. He had a passion for collecting animals from around the world. Rothschild’s parents gifted him a museum to house his collection on his 21st birthday.  After his pet turtle died, he bronzed it and made it a centre piece of the museum. He dedicated the rest of his life to maintaining vast collection taxidermy of rare and exotic animals from around the world.  His museum became apart of the Natural History Museum in 1939 and is still a fully operational museum today.

Natural History Museum, Tring


If taxidermy is not your thing,  you can take a walk in the woodland of Tring Park just across the street from the museum. Cows grave in the pastures year round so watch out for fragrant and moist cow droppings. If you’re travelling with a dog, take them off the leash and let them run free after the birds, just keep them clear of the cows. When you’re tired, find a shady tree and listen to the birds chirp. Look out for the scenic overlook benches. These benches are scattered throughout the woodlands and offer great scenic views of the rolling hillsides.


Explore the country roads with a leisure drive. Drive slowly around the winding country roads and immerse yourself in the slow pace. Stop frequently to breath in the fresh air.

London is busy like many major cities but with villages like Tring within close proximity, city dwellers can frolic in the country side and recharge before heading back to the city grind.

Let the time pass before your spa treatment at Champney by swinging your legs on a park bench like a kid. Oh yes, shoes off is a must