Geneva has a multicultural feel. With people from all corners of the World, all races, and religions converge in the common good for the survival of mankind. Geneva is home to the WHO, WTO, UN Refugee Agency and so many more international organisations striving to do good in the World.

There are four different languages spoken in Switzerland but because Geneva is close to France, French is the main language spoken in Geneva. English tends to be the default language for most Swiss.

I encountered more brown people of culture here that were apart of mainstream culture. I’ve noticed that other European cities may have a larger non-white population but they seem to live on fringes of society – new migrants selling goods on the beach. Geneva had a more cosmopolitan culture that was refreshing.


My hotel was pretty cool boutique hotel decorated with art nouveaux flare. NVY Manotel is situated in the Rue De Paquis. Next to the Drake Hotel, close to the Palais Wilson and  short distance with Lac Leman.

Only downside is the cost. Continental breakfast is a hefty 30 Swiss Franc so do yourself a favor and take a walk to a nearby cafe for a 5 Euro quick breakfast. Rooms with a view of the Lake go from 500 Swiss Franc a night to  1,000.



Geneva central is small enough to do it completely by foot in a day. Water taxis, trams and trains make it that much easier.

Beautiful view in every turn. The city is surrounded by the French Alps and Lac Leman.


I know a bit of French and I took every opportunity to practice with locals. Most of them were helpful by correcting my pronunciations. My tour guide spoke in four different languages. My barrister and I had a conversation in Spanish, French and English to successfully complete a coffee and raisin bun order. He ended the conversation with Ciao! and a smile.

Statues and Outdoor Art


Old Town