There are two ways to remove your locs that I know of; “Buzz Cut” – shave your head or comb them out. Be sure you’re ready to part with your locs because once you’re halfway through you can’t go back.

The buzz cut method is the easiest and offers a fresh start with just 15-20 minutes in the barber’s chair. It may be a bit of a shock if you’re used to having hair but I’ve been told that it’s amazingly liberating.

Of course I chose the hardest method. The comb out method is much more time consuming. I spent two weeks of consistent 5-6 hour sessions a day patiently combing out. I had 147 individual locs and each loc took about 30 minutes to completely comb out. Patience, patience, patience must be your friend or you’ll end up balding yourself with your impatience.

What will you need?

Medium teethed comb and a large teethed comb

Extra Virgin Olive oil (first press if available)

Argan Oil

Lavender oil

Castor Oil


Spritz water bottle

Oil bottle


1. Create mixture of Oils in 3 -5 oz bottle. ½ Olive Oil, ¼ Argan Oil, ¼ Castor Oil, and a few drops of lavender oil. You’ll need to refill this mixture a few times depending on the size of your head and hair texture.

2. Start from the back of your head. Choose a loc and completely wet until damp.

3. Rub a few drops of the oil mixture into the damp loc until soft.

4. Start combing out from the end of the loc bit by bit

5. Add more water and oil as you word your way up the loc.

6. When you get to the scalp, damp the loose hair and add plain castor oil

7. Comb out bit by bit until knots are gone.

8. Braid loose hair to keep in the moisture.

9. Once you’ve combed out 5-6 locs, comb through loose hair and re-braid into larger plats.

10. Complete the process until done

Good luck! A few cautionary notes.

  • You may freak out when you see how much hair you completely comb out. Don’t be alarmed; remember that locing prevents the natural shedding process. The longer you’ve had your locs the more hair will come out.
  • Depending on the texture of your hair, you may experience tender scalp with each comb out. Use Vitamin E and Argan Oil to sooth your scalp. Use a few finger tap at a time because these oils can clog your pores.
  • Breakage – Yes you will have breakage. I strongly suggest getting your hair professionally done no longer than a week after your comb out. Steam and condition treatment followed by a professional cut will help stimulate your hair growth and bring your hair back to life.
  • Be kind and be patient with yourself and your hair. You’ll be happy once you’re done and remember your hair will grow back if you.