Bisibee in London

Born in Guyana, raised in New Jersey, made my living in New York and now starting over in London

Policing- London vs. Brooklyn

Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn seven years ago.  My date, a Nigerian-American man, is driving me home from a nice dinner. We're driving down Court Street, turned left on Union Street and he whispers to me. We’re being followed. I dart a strange... Continue Reading →

Hairdresser Search – Part I

Anyone who knows me knows that I have a special relationship with my hair. And my hairdressers are very very important people in my life. The ladies of Khamit Kinks have cared for my hair for  over ten years. They've seen me... Continue Reading →

Lost in Translation – “Crumpet”

My London experience continues with a weekend  spent discovering  Cambridge University. I stopped by a tea shop after browsing the Cambridge grounds to find my new favorite treat "crumpets". Crumpets look like English muffins but they're more like chunky pancakes.... Continue Reading →

London Inoculation

London week 1 was amazing. I was a tourist for the week. Daily activities entailed leisure walks across the Thames, tea breaks in Pimlico and sampling the goodies in Borough Market. It was the perfect beginning of the next phase of my life. As the Brits... Continue Reading →

Lost in Translation – You Awright?

Many of us engage in Monday morning chats with our co-workers and most of these conversations are meant to be simple with not much back and forth. Haven't gotten the brief on what Londonites ask on Monday morning, I found... Continue Reading →

London Day 1 – Conversations with Strangers

I landed promptly at 9:20 am GMT at Heathrow Airport. And after 1 hr 30 minutes on the customs line, it's clear that the British too have not figured out this problem. Shortly after exiting the baggage area, I found... Continue Reading →

I am who I say I am

I've lived in the United States for my entire adult life. I've had various ID's since the age of 9 telling people I am who I say I am. First starting with my resident alien card aka "Green Card". I... Continue Reading →

London Day 2 – Apartment Hunting 

After struggling through the first 24 hours in London with a killer bout of jet lag, I emerged day 2 to explore the quaint streets of Pimlico. The treelined blocks with picturesque residential buildings gave me a little village feel... Continue Reading →

Curry Curry Curry!

I absolutely love curry! So much so, I traveled with my own curry powder to ensure I would have curry. I really didn’t need it because curry is on every menu. I still cook my weekly curry dish at home... Continue Reading →

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