Bisibee in London

Born in Guyana, raised in New Jersey, made my living in New York and now starting over in London

London Day 1 – Conversations with Strangers

I landed promptly at 9:20 am GMT at Heathrow Airport. And after 1 hr 30 minutes on the customs line, it's clear that the British too have not figured out this problem. Shortly after exiting the baggage area, I found... Continue Reading →

I am who I say I am

I've lived in the United States for my entire adult life. I've had various ID's since the age of 9 telling people I am who I say I am. First starting with my resident alien card aka "Green Card". I... Continue Reading →

London Day 2 – Apartment Hunting 

After struggling through the first 24 hours in London with a killer bout of jet lag, I emerged day 2 to explore the quaint streets of Pimlico. The treelined blocks with picturesque residential buildings gave me a little village feel... Continue Reading →

Curry Curry Curry!

I absolutely love curry! So much so, I traveled with my own curry powder to ensure I would have curry. I really didn’t need it because curry is on every menu. I still cook my weekly curry dish at home... Continue Reading →

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