I’ve tried three salons since I’ve been in London and they have all fallen very short of my expectations.

My first hair experience was at this small salon called Adornment 365 which was the prime subject of my first blog post about hair. Oh yes, the horrendous bucket washing incident.

I didn’t even make it to the second salon. The receptionist questioned my reason for calling and straight out asked me if I was black – because according to her “you sound white”. I ended the conversation right then and there.

Thankfully I made it to the third salon – Morris Roots at Highgate. Sigh sigh…. This salon was highly recommended and even featured in the UK equivalent of Ebony Magazine. Their biggest fail – they made me wait 2 hours with a wet head while they made their plans for the evening and saw their regular clients. They finally pressured  a younger stylist to finish my hair faster so they can close up. So suffice to say, they don’t need my business.

So how do I get my hair done? I do it myself and I’ve found a skilled loctitian that does my hair from her house. And after asking around, I’ve concluded that there are more at-home hairdressers and barbers than salons and barber shops. Ladies and Gents doing their friends’ friends’ hair without the overhead of rent, utilities and salaries- Brilliant!

That’s great – the cottage industry of hairdressing is booming but don’t natural gals and gents deserve to be pampered in well managed salons with massage chairs and mood music- Heck yeah! We’re paying high prices for crap service.

Opportunity! There is a lack of management and leadership in the natural hair care industry in London. The natural living and natural hair care theme will continue and I see ripe opportunities for entrepreneurs to start well run hair salons and barber shops. The customer base is there waiting for the salon to come and give them that experience

But until the day I find my dream salon, I’ve got to do DIY home remedies and keep my connected to the cottage industry of hairdressers. Helpful websites and forums I found helpful in maintaining my hair without the help of a salon:

Grow Natural Black Hair – helps uncover some myths about natural hair and gives helpful tips on how to care for your own hair.

Curly Hair Growth – Gives information on any and all things Locs.

Facebook Group – The Natural Lounge. It’s a closed group of a couple thousand black women from across the diaspora, with different hair textures helping each other out with anything from stylist referrals to launching hair care products.